Meet Teong Tan

Teong TanQ:  From a quality standpoint, what is your primary focus for Arclin’s decorative surface overlays?
A: Arclin has always been known for our willingness and ability to tackle challenging products — and we have a lot of great products out there. But obviously, that is only beneficial for our customers if we can consistently deliver to our product specifications and performance. We’ve focused on reducing variation from all sources, from raw materials to our own processes to finished goods. Our aim is to deliver on spec, every time.

Q:  What has been your biggest quality improvement accomplishment so far?
A: We’re tenacious about getting to root causes when we have a quality issue. We’ve made that a hallmark of our quality culture. Most recently, we’ve tackled some issues with “blocking” — when TFL overlays absorb moisture from the environment and begin to stick together. We’re hearing from our customers now that we’re surpassing our competitors in eliminating this problem.

Q:  You’ve been with Arclin for 14 years. What has been your path to this position?
A: I started out as a resin chemist. I eventually moved to lead one of the technical teams, ultimately expanding that into a leadership role in overall quality control. I now lead the technical team for all of Arclin’s surfaces (which includes industrial overlays, in addition to decorative). This opportunity to take the TFL business to the next level has been an exciting part of the ride!

Q:  Tell us something about yourself that your coworkers might not even know.
A: I have a newborn and a 2 1/2 year old. I spend any moment I’m not working with them and my wife. Before I had kids, I was an avid watercolor artist; I’ve exhibited in some small scale shows. I love music and play the piano. I ran a couple of marathons…but now I spend my days running after my toddler.