Meet Scot Johnson

Scot JohnsonQ: You’ve got a long history at Arclin overseeing its industrial surfaces business — everything from concrete surfacing to roof and wall sheathing. What unique perspective do you bring to decorative surfaces side of the business — how do you see influencing its growth going forward?
A: I plan to bring the same approach to decorative surfaces that we’ve long employed for industrial — that is, meshing customer and market needs with Arclin’s constant pursuit of developing new chemistries and new application opportunities. For example, we’re constantly looking at creating better-performing products we can offer at lower costs…we’re looking at several opportunities now. And I’m very focused on finding new products that can open whole new doors for Arclin and our customers. I’m excited about our possibilities in the decorative space.

Q: You’ve overseen introduction at Arclin of a number of pretty innovative industrial products. Do you see opportunity for innovation in the decorative surfaces industry? Can you tell us about anything in the works?
A: Yes! We’re working on a lower cost, higher opacity overlay…and at the possibility of an exterior-grade decorative surface — UV resistant, durable and one that can stand up to the elements. It’s in concept phase at this stage, but it’s a product with some pretty cool application possibilities (THAT part, I’ll have to keep secret for bit longer).

Q:  How does a guy who’s been used to dealing with concrete and exterior building products turn his sights to a design-focused product line? Is there a learning curve for you?
A: Hey — concrete can be decorative! Seriously, there’s not much of a learning curve on the chemistry and applications side of the business; they share many of the same characteristics. But I’ve been focused on understanding the design side of it. As we’ve been preparing this portfolio launch for next year, in fact, I’m learning that the design options can be endless and we need to make sure we’re matching our approach to the best opportunities in the market.

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