Close Up – Q&A with Reed Singleton

Q: You’ve been heavily involved in Arclin’s recent efforts to revamp its TFL design portfolio. Where do you see opportunity for Arclin’s customers with the new designs and approach?
A: From a design standpoint, a tremendous amount of forethought and effort — with the help of Arclin’s printer partners and Loop9 Marketing — went into the selection of the new designs. The result is a collection of designs that is both modern and relevant. They’ve been extremely well received by our customers and their downstream customers.

We’ve also shifted our marketing approach to support overall TFL market growth. It’s our hope that, with a more fine-tuned portfolio and greater tools, Arclin’s customers will be able to increase market size and share.  We think the key to growing the TFL market is in reaching downstream, to designers and specifiers, with surface designs that can replace or enhance traditional surface materials.

Read the press release where Reed Singleton talks about the introduction of The Harvest Collection.

Q: Partly under your direction, Arclin has been shifting its sales and technical support approach toward a “One Arclin” strategy — that is, enabling customers to work with one team for both its resin and surface overlay support. How is the transition going and how is it benefiting customers?
A: Arclin is the only surfaces producer in the U.S. and Canada that also produces resin. This is a tremendous advantage to our customers, as we can provide better product quality, more support and greater opportunity for innovation.  Our “One Arclin” approach is going very well, improving our communication and service both to and from Arclin’s customer base.


Q: You’ve been with Arclin nearly 20 years, first in Winnfield, Louisiana and now based out of its Springfield, Oregon location. What’s been the biggest change for you, making the move to the left coast?  
A: Obviously there are cultural differences that took some getting used to after moving from the deep south of Louisiana to the Pacific North West. That aside, I have made a lot of great new friends and have enjoyed the inherent beauty of that part of the country.  I’ve also really enjoyed getting to know Arclin’s customers along the West Coast and look forward to building lasting relationships there. In the short year I have lived in Oregon, I’ve developed a lasting love for the region and the people. My only real struggle is convincing folks that THEY are the ones who talk funny.