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More than a Sales Pitch

reinventing TFL

Granted, we’re all in business to sell our products. That said, Arclin’s overarching strategy with our Reinventing TFL marketing effort is to support the entire value chain — not just ourselves — through education on TFL and other surfacing options. What product, what place, to what advantage. Our aim is to grow the industry by bringing more people to the table for all of us.

To that end, we’re going to continue to use our social media channels to try to reach downstream — to architects, interior designers and specifiers who present our greatest opportunities for market growth and who are, too, heavy users of social media for information, inspiration and idea-gathering.

Our Facebook page plays on our theme but with a market-focused twist: Reinventing Surfaces. We’ll continue to build Instagram and Pinterest galleries that inspire but also educate our followers. Our blog will continue to become a repository for telling different parts of the TFL and surfacing story.

Our content is yours to share. And if there are subjects you’d like us to cover, please let us know!

In the meantime, follow us and we’ll be on the look out to connect with you: