Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year Kicks off a Return to Classics

Color makes our world. And we’re partial to the classics. We expect to see a lot of the classics popping in the new year and one, in particular, is leading the charge: classic blue. Classic Blue, in fact, has been named the Pantone Color of the Year for 2020. Perhaps it’s foreshadowing effect is beginning to take hold as we look to a design-eye for what’s to come for beautiful decor and interiors.

Forever a Classic

Let’s consider a moment the emotions and sentiment that a color such as Classic Blue evokes. An image of a picturesque evening sky or the reflection of deep waters, blue is an all-around favorite for many. Blue is said to promote calmness, open flow in communication, and even increase perspective or open-mindedness.

Creating a warm, beautiful, calm, and inviting space can begin with Pantone’s chosen color of the year. The color is certainly extremely versatile, especially when incorporating surfaces that enhance and bring out shades and tones not yet explored within the classic blue spectrum.

Blue Sky Thinking

Nestled in comfort and familiarity, Classic Blue will begin a trend for an area refuge and peace. Pair it with Arclin’s Harvest Collection and transform a space into one of recess and tranquility from floor to ceiling. Interior designers are already making recommendations for adding accent walls and furniture pieces that take on the shade of Classic Blue. Our decorative overlays can aid in transformation and restore rooms, businesses, and offices into something worthy of the “new year, new me” attitude.

Pantone Arclin TFL - Charles Bridge - Pantone

Arclin TFL‘s large, versatile color collection ensures you’ll find surfaces for cabinets, counters, furniture, and more that do well to complement Pantone’s 2020 Classic Blue. With Arclin TFL, discover shades of rich grays, stone, cedar, and even mahogany to enhance your space in the new year. Brainstorming, aka “blue sky thinking,” certainly begins with a base color and evolves into a more eclectic approach of mixes and matches. Explore various options and fundamental design aesthetic to make classic blue work for you this season.

Arclin Collections and Classic Blue

Bold colors, like Classic Blue, often require offsets of neutral tones and collections of wood-type finishes. Given that blue can be such an eye-catching shade, it’s important to focus on overall balance that will complete the look. Try woodgrain patterns like Atlas Cedar to bring a natural and organic feeling to an interior. If you’re looking to add drama, which is one of our favorites in any space, test out Charles Bridge, which can set off a masculine or high-end, exotic finish.

Arclin TFL - Atlas Cedar - Pantone Classic Blue

Our wide array of surface designs with give Pantone’s choice a way to really shine this year. We’re looking forward to see more of how Classic Blue is incorporated into newer trends as we kick-off a brand new year. Contact us today to learn more about design options in 2020.