Dark to light, traditional to contemporary, wood grains to abstracts, TFL fits any environment, any brand on store fixtures, shelving, POP displays, closets, walls and counters.


Durable, stain resistant and available in a wide variety of designs — from wood grains to abstracts, solid colors and more — TFL is ideal for kitchens, cabinets, closets, organizational systems…even the man cave.


The perfect office combines durability and design. Just like TFL. For desks, cabinets, shelving, credenzas and walls.


On trend and in budget. TFL adorns walls, furniture, fixtures and more in hotels, restaurants and clubs around the world.


Designs made to heal. Germ-resistant surfaces. Zero-emitting panels. Use TFL on workstations, lockers, cabinets and furniture, in waiting areas, work spaces and patient rooms.


The smart solution — TFL is durable and easy to clean and comes in designs and colors suited for any educational environment. For furniture (classroom, library, dorm), closets and desks.


Let’s show them how it works!

You know it, we know it — TFL is one of the most versatile decorative surface options available in the market today. High performing, design-forward, versatile, cost effective and environmentally safe. And perfect for a wide variety of environments and applications. Arclin is creating tools to help all of us in the TFL value chain. Tools that can help educate your customers and theirs by demonstrating the attributes and benefits of the product in a wide variety of applications.

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Arclin is a leading supplier of decorative surface overlays for TFL. ARCLINTFL.COM — Reinventing TFL provides support to the decorative panel industry, with resources, tools and updates on trends, applications, industry stories and more. For information on purchasing surface overlays from Arclin, contact us. To buy TFL panels, contact your local panel producer or distributor or search Where to Buy for more information. Ideas, questions or comments? Get in touch.

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